Blogger Robin drinking sociality coffee at Camino a Camala one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.

17 Best Coffee Shops In Mexico City

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We love a good coffee. Last year, we even travelled the world with a coffee machine in our hand luggage just to guarantee we could get a decent cup of joe! Robin, in particular, is a bit of a coffee connoisseur, while Mal is more into chai or matcha lattes and cafes with aesthetically pleasing decor. Together, we’ve drunk our way through many of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.

In this post, we’ve finely filtered our experiences to serve up a list of cafes that have something unique to recommend them, whether that’s amazing speciality coffee, stylish décor, or a rich history.

Mexico City has a growing coffee culture and a huge choice of amazing coffee, so it was no easy feat to narrow it down to just 17 of the best cafes in Mexico City! We’ve been to all of the cafes we recommend here! We’re not even sure how we had the energy to do it. Maybe it was all that caffeine…

Top 3 Cafes In Mexico City – Our Favourites! 

CUMBE Coffee Shop in Roma Norte.
Blogger Robin drinking coffee at Nin Cafe Mexico City.
Cafe Nin
Finca Don Porfirio Cafe in downtown Mexico City
Finca Don Porfirio

1️⃣ CUMBE Coffee Roasters ☕ great speciality coffee in picturesque surroundings.

2️⃣ Cafe Nin ☕ set in a historic building, best for a stylish brunch.

3️⃣ Finca Don Porfirio ☕ best for the rooftop views!

Best Coffee Shops In La Condesa Mexico City

Because Condesa is where our apartment is, we have extensively explored many great restaurants and the best coffee shops in Condesa Mexico City.

Many of the places we’ve highlighted here are our regular hangouts when we’re in town.

#1 El Pendulo – Best Coffee Shop In Mexico City For Literature Lovers.

Blogger Robin drinking coffee at El Pendulo, La Condesa.

UNIQUENESS: Nestled inside a bookstore, El Pendulo is a great place to come if you’re looking for a charming place to read during the week. At weekends, the shop vibrates with live music, creating a buzzy atmosphere where people meet to chat and chill.

COFFEE MENU: All your standard coffees are on offer, plus a few sweeter drinks like the Oreo coffee frappe. It’s especially cool that they stock a range of milk products for different dietary requirements, including lactose-free, soy, and almond options.

FOOD MENU: The food menu is huge as coffee shops go, which makes it even more surprising how good the dishes are. We love the enchiladas with chicken, served in a rich mole sauce. They also serve amazing fresh orange juice in huge glasses and have a good selection of vegan recipes. 

AMBIENCE: There’s a lot of space available, with plenty of people coming here to work on their laptops during the weekdays. We also like to come for brunch.

ADDRESS: Av. Nuevo León 115, Colonia Condesa, Google location (other branches in Roma Norte & Polanco)

#2 Camino A Comala – Best Contemporary Café For Specialty Coffee Mexico City.

Camino a Camala Cafe
Barista making a speciality coffee at Camino a Camala Cafe.

UNIQUENESS: In a great location outside Chapultepec Park, Camino a Comala is a laid-back place to try some interesting speciality coffees from Puebla, Veracruz, and Chiapas. 

COFFEE MENU: Robin particularly likes the smooth taste of the Finca Los Naranjos drip coffee, but the refreshing 12-hour cold brew is a good choice for a hot day. For the adventurous, the menu boasts several coffee cocktails/mocktails, though we haven’t worked up the courage yet to sample them!

FOOD MENU: The simple fare of baguettes, pizzas, and salads is perfectly fine, though nothing particularly special.

AMBIENCE: Wooden furniture and exposed concrete give this place a modern, chill vibe. It’s not too busy, and the seats are comfy, making it a good place to work. 

ADDRESS: Av. Veracruz 7, Colonia Condesa, Google location

#3 Cardinal – Best Coffee In Condesa Mexico City For People On The Go.

Cardinal Cafe - one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.

UNIQUENESS: Cardinal is very close to our Condesa apartment, so we pop in and out of here a lot. It’s a nice little hole-in-the-wall joint with just a handful of tables and a couple of banquettes.

COFFEE MENU: Some of the best coffee Condesa Mexico City has to offer is found at this unassuming spot. The house cortado is worshipped amongst the regulars, but all the pour-over coffee is good.

FOOD MENU: The pastries here are amazing, so we often pick up a quick brekkie to go. We particularly overindulge in their banana bread, which is a huge, double slice!

AMBIENCE: Cardinal is on the small side but with thoughtful little touches. For instance, there are cute laptop tables with an upper shelf for your coffee, so you don’t spill drinks on your computer.

ADDRESS: Campeche 346, Hipódromo Condesa, Google location 

#4 Tierra Garat – Best For A Working Lunch.

Tierra Gerat in La Condesa, one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.
Tierra Gerat Cafe in La Condesa.
Tierra Gerat Cafe in La Condesa.

UNIQUENESS: Another place we pop into near our apartment, this branch of Tierra Garat, is a great place to grab a light bite in between writing a blog post or two.

COFFEE MENU: The coffee here isn’t super special, but it’s all perfectly decent, mainstream stuff.

FOOD MENU: We love their sandwiches, which are stuffed with cheese, ham, avocado, greens, and tomato, all in a toasted cheese bun. Yum! The pastries are also super nice – Robin’s fav is the apple pie and mine is forest fruit and cream cheese. Ask the barista to warm it up for you.

Blogger Robin at Tierra Gerat in La Condesa.

AMBIENCE: The Condesa branch of Tierra Garat has comfy seats and plug sockets. Add that to the solid refreshments, and you’ll understand why we rate this as one of the best coffee shops to work in Mexico City.

ADDRESS: Av Nuevo León 122, Hipódromo, Google location

#5 Boicot Café – One Of The Best Cafes To Work In Mexico City.

Boicot Cafe, La Condesa.
Blogger Robin drinking coffee at Boicot Cafe in La Condesa.

UNIQUENESS: A spacious den with plenty of seating, Boicot Café sets itself apart with its retro, quirky décor, complete with quaint sofas and a Pacman arcade game.

COFFEE MENU: There’s certainly plenty of choice, including a choice of regular cold brews, nitro cold brews, and frappes alongside your everyday espressos and lattes.

FOOD MENU: Think all-day breakfast, and you’ll get the picture. The menu has stuff like enchiladas, shakshuka, and a smoked salmon bagel, alongside waffles and omelettes.

Interior of Boicot Cafe.

AMBIENCE: Boicot is another of our favourite coffee shops in Mexico City for when we need to sit down and work. We’re clearly not the only people who think that, as there always seem to be quite a few other patrons tapping away furiously on their keyboards.

ADDRESS: Av. Tamaulipas 141, Hipódromo, Google location

#6 Maque – Best For Brunch.

Maque Cafe
Maque Cafe

UNIQUENESS: Part bakery, part café, Maque has some amazing pastries and cakes, served up by waitresses wearing traditional white pinafores.

COFFEE MENU: The list of standard brews is not going to impress connoisseurs, but it’s fine if you come here knowing that coffee is secondary to the eats and the ambience.

FOOD MENU: The stars of the show, at least in terms of baked goods, are the concha. These sweet, bready ‘shells’ come flavoured with either chocolate, vanilla, or cream. The café also has some tasty Mexican breakfast classics like chilaquiles. 

AMBIENCE: Maque is one of the best cafes in Mexico City for brunch. It gets very lively at the weekends, and you’ll notice people swapping coffee for cocktails as the day turns into the evening.

ADDRESS: Calle Huichapan 24, Hipódromo, Google location

#7 El Ocho – Best For Board Games And Social Fun.

UNIQUENESS: El Ocho is one of the best coffee shops Mexico City for socializing. Kids and pets abound during the day, while the evenings see friends gathering for a catchup over card games and board games.

COFFEE MENU: You’ve got your standard Americano, espresso and cappuccino, alongside loads of other soft drinks and cocktails.

FOOD MENU: If we’re being totally honest, this isn’t somewhere we would normally eat. A lot of it is American-style junk food, including burgers, pizzas, chilli dogs, and chicken wings. 

AMBIENCE: The funky décor and animated crowd make El Ocho one of the best cafes in Condesa for meeting up with mates. 

ADDRESS: Av México 111, Hipódromo, Google location

Best Coffee Shops in Roma Norte Mexico City

Roma Norte is situated to the east of La Condesa. Just like its neighbour, this colonia has become a beacon for trendy coffee shops in Mexico City. We also love coming here for shopping at the many cool Mexico City markets and dine at Roma Norte’s cool restaurants.

#8 Café Memorias de un Barista – Best Coffee In Mexico City For Tastings.

Memorias De Un barrista - one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.
Memorias De Un barrista Cafe.

UNIQUENESS: This rather romantically named café brings a scientific exactitude to speciality coffee. It also offers barista courses and tasting classes, which should give you some idea of how seriously this place takes its approach to its craft.

COFFEE MENU: There’s an interesting but not overwhelming selection of speciality coffees, cold brews, and classics. The hazelnut latte is a gorgeous little indulgence.

FOOD MENU: If you fancy a snack with your coffee, chow down on something from the modest selection of pastries.

AMBIENCE: Small and unassuming, Café Memorias de un Barista has just a smattering of seating for coffee devotees. 

ADDRESS: Frontera 83, Roma Norte, Google location

#9 Blend Station – Best For Digital Nomads.

Blend Station Coffee Shop Mexico City.

UNIQUENESS: Just off Avenue Chapultepec, this branch of Blend Station is one of the best coffee places in Mexico City for remote workers, who can bunker down for the day in the light-filled space

COFFEE MENU: There is a lot of choice on the menu, including a big variety of espresso-based beverages. Even so, the best drink hands down is the cold brew.

FOOD MENU: As coffee shops in Mexico City go, this one has a decent breadth of things to eat, including vegetarian-friendly options like granola and avocado toast.

AMBIENCE: Blend Station has a bit of a coworking space vibe, with people setting up for the day with their laptops. There are several electrical outlets to keep you charged up, though Wi-Fi was a bit spotty the last time we visited. 

ADDRESS: Puebla 237, Roma Norte, Google location

#10 Drip Speciality – Best For Dog Lovers Who Know Their Coffee.

Drip Speciality
Drip Speciality

UNIQUENESS: Selling beverages and beans, Drip Specialty is a pet-friendly place with some of the best coffee Mexico City has to offer. 

COFFEE MENU: We tend to order very different things from the menu, which is maybe a testament to the fact that it’s all good! Robin’s go-to is the drip coffee made from washed Oaxacan beans, while Mal’s fav is the ice chai latte, which is super refreshing and not too sweet.

FOOD MENU: There’s a small selection of snacky things to complement the coffee. The cookies are particularly good for a little something sweet.

AMBIENCE: This little place gets very busy, with only a handful of seats outside or on the mezzanine floor. Pop in for a coffee to go, then head off on your way.

ADDRESS: Guadalajara 36, Roma Norte, Google location

#11 CUMBE Coffee Roaster – Best Coffee In Roma Norte For Connoisseurs.

CUMBE serves best coffee Mexico City has to offer for coffee connoisseurs.
A barista preparing drip speciality coffee in Mexico City at CUMBE.

UNIQUENESS: Oozing cool third-wave coffee culture, CUMBE caters to coffee connoisseurs looking for a pretty place to kick back and chill. 

COFFEE MENU: Staff here are eager to explain the story behind each coffee, whether you go for a classic cold brew or a ‘magic’ flat latte.

FOOD MENU: Alongside some of the best coffee in Roma Mexico City, CUMBE also serves brunch Mexican eats like chilaquiles and tlacoyos. The pastries aren’t bad either!

Blogger Mal drinking coffee at a cafe in Mexico City Roma Norte.

AMBIENCE: Our favourite thing about CUMBE is the outdoor area, which is a leafy, green space not far from the picturesque plaza surrounding the Fuente de Cibeles.

ADDRESS: Monterrey 82, Roma Sur, Google location

#12 Cafe Nin – Best For Brunching In Style.

Blogger Mal enjoying lunch at Cafe Nin, one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.
The interior of Cafe Nin.

UNIQUENESS: Located inside a historic building, this adorable café is owned by a famous cook, Elena Reygadas, who last year was crowned the World’s Best Female Chef.

COFFEE MENU: The abbreviated coffee menu sticks to doing the basics well, allowing the food to shine. They also have zesty juices and internationally sourced teas.

FOOD MENU: Cafe Nin’s rustic chic is a stylish place to enjoy brunch. There aren’t many coffee shops in Mexico City that deliver such amazing sweet pastries, egg dishes, and sandwiches with the same level of flair and attention to detail.

AMBIENCE: Just north of Rome Norte proper, Cafe Nin is often very busy. Our advice is to come early or late if you want a seat, but you should expect to queue most of the time.

ADDRESS: Havre 73, Juárez Google location 

#13 Panaderia Rosetta – Best Coffee Shop In Mexico City For Pastries.

The interior at Panaderia Rosetta
Blogger Robin at Cafe Panaderia Rosetta.

UNIQUENESS: Panaderia Rosetta is another concept from Elena Reygadas, but the focus here is firmly on the pastries, which, in our opinion, are the best in CDMX.

COFFEE MENU: Americano, espresso, and latte are all aboard. As a complement to the food, the coffee selection works as a treat.

FOOD MENU: One of the best coffee shops Mexico City has to tempt patisserie lovers; everything is absolutely ace here, from the pan de muerto to the Berliner doughnuts. Our favourite thing we’ve tried though is the rol de guayaba, a guava bun of perfect texture and just the right amount of tropical fruitiness.

The outdoor seating at Panaderia Rosetta one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.

AMBIENCE: Most of the limited seating is outdoors, which is lovely on a sunny day – if you can get a table. This place isn’t exactly a hidden gem, and we’ve never been here when there isn’t a massive queue. 

ADDRESS: Colima 179, Roma Norte, Google location

#14 Cafe Barajas – Best For Specialty Coffee Served By Engaging Staff.

Cafe Barajas - best coffee shop in Mexico City for speciality soffee.
Cafe Barajas

UNIQUENESS: Moving away from the high-flying panaderias, Café Barajas is an unassuming but charming space run by two brothers. It also serves some of the best coffee in Mexico City. 

COFFEE MENU: We first visited Café Barajas as part of a tour of coffee shops in Mexico City. If we hadn’t been on a tour, we probably wouldn’t have tried the incredibly unique cafe de olla, a traditional Mexican concoction of ground coffee with cinnamon, cloves, and piloncillo. Here, it’s made with washed beans from Veracruz.

FOOD MENU: A mixture of cakes, cookies, and other small, sweet treats are available to pair with your cold brews and cappuccinos.

AMBIENCE: One of the things we like most about this place is its ambience, which is perfect for a calming coffee break. The staff are also super friendly.

ADDRESS: Monterrey 225, Roma Norte, Google location

Best Coffee Shops In Mexico City: Coyoacan & Downtown

Although most of our favourite coffee shops in Mexico City are centred around Condesa and Roma Norte, there are a few others located in other parts of town that are worth a special trip.

#15 Cafe El Jarocho 

Blogger Mal drinking at El Jarocho in Coyoacan - best coffee shops in Mexico City.
A cup of coffee from El Jarocho - a famous coffee shop in Mexico City.

UNIQUENESS: This iconic, no-frills spot in Coyoacan is one of the best cafes in Mexico City for people who want to journey back into the past. The times may have changed since Café el Jarocho first opened its doors in 1953, but it still retains tonnes of character – and excellent prices! 

COFFEE MENU: Keep it classic with an Americano or a cappuccino, or get a bit more modern with the in-demand mochaccino blend.

FOOD MENU: Although we’re fond of the churros, it’s the doughnuts that visit us in our dreams.

AMBIENCE: Expect long lines, although the queue tends to move fairly fast since there’s not as much focus on long-winded latte art. Street musicians are often playing outside when we visit, which makes for a fun atmosphere.

ADDRESS: Cuauhtémoc E, FYG ESQ, Ignacio Allende 134, Coyoacán, Google location

#16 Cafe Avellenada – Best Coffee Shop In Mexico City For Single-Origin Beans.

Cafe Avellenada, Coyoacan.
Blogger Robin drinking best coffee in Mexico City at Cafe Avellenada in Coyoacan.

UNIQUENESS: A hole-in-the-wall hideaway with very hipster vibes, the Cafe Avellenada is renowned for having some of the best coffee in Mexico City. 

COFFEE MENU: It’s amazing how this place transforms something as simple as a flat white into coffee brilliance by putting the focus on the quality of single-origin beans from regions like Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. Don’t forget to pick up a bag on your way out!

FOOD MENU: Food is limited at the Cafe Avellanada, although they do have some very more-ish cakes, which change on a daily basis. 

AMBIENCE: Everything’s written up on chalkboards at this snug spot, which has only a handful of seats. Take our advice and get your coffee to go so you can enjoy it while breathing in the Coyoacan atmosphere.

ADDRESS: Higuera 40-A, La Concepción, Coyoacán, Google location

#17 Finca Don Porfirio – Best for Rooftop Views.

Blogger Mal at Finca Don Porfirio Cafe - one of the best coffee shops in Mexico City.
Finca Don Porfirio Cafe in downtown Mexico City

UNIQUENESS: Finca Don Porfirio is possibly the most famous coffee shop in the capital. That’s mainly because it has one of the best rooftop views in CDMX, overlooking the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

COFFEE MENU: Mal loves their cookie and cream latte, but there’s plenty of frappes, espressos and the like to pick through.

FOOD MENU: We always get the same thing when we come here: cheese and ham croissants. They also have molletes (open-faced sandwiches) and some very pretty-looking cakes.

AMBIENCE: Expect to queue for the view, which is absolutely spectacular. You always first get a seat by the wall, but the waitstaff staff know what you’ve come for and will re-seat you once a space opens up overlooking the edge of the terrace. We strongly advise you to avoid weekends.

ADDRESS: Av. Juarez 14, Colonia Centro, Google location

Best Coffee Shops In Mexico City: Wrap-Up

There are so many coffee shops in Mexico City these days that you could probably go a few years without having to visit the same one twice for your daily dose of caffeine. 

We certainly haven’t tried them all, but we have highlighted some of the places we’ve personally enjoyed to help you narrow down your options.

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