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16 Best Restaurants In Condesa Mexico City – We ate at all of them!

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*We’ve been to all of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City mentioned in this post!

Together with Roma Norte, La Condesa is our favourite neighbourhood for casual dining. There are lots of chilled-out eateries to choose from here, dotted along the leafy, peaceful streets.

Although Condesa tends to be one of the more expensive parts of CDMX, we’ve still found a lot of cheap taquerias to offset the days when we go out for a romantic meal at an upmarket place. 

Depending on the style of the eatery, you can expect to spend anywhere from 150 pesos for a trio of tacos to 400 pesos for a main. That’s obviously quite a significant difference, even before you factor in the cost of drinks and different expectations of tipping in CDMX that come with dining at a fancy bistro as opposed to a hole-in-the-wall!

Lunchtime, between 2-4 pm, tends to be when the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City are at their busiest, while 8 pm and later sees locals heading in for dinner. For newbies, the relatively late eating hours can be a bit disorienting at first, but you may find that turning up outside normal mealtimes means it’s easier to get a seat! 

#1 Cafe Toscano – Best For People Watching.

Blogger Robin drinking a Corona Beer at Toscano Restaurant Condesa
Blogger Mal enjoying an Aperol Spritz at Toscano one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City.
The pizzas we had at Toscano Restaurant

BEST FOR: Experiencing the vibe of Condesa. We like to grab a table outside and enjoy some people-watching.


ADDRESS: Av Michoacán 30, Google location

MENU: We particularly like Cafe Toscano’s lunchtime pizzas, but they have pretty good pastas plus other Italian dishes like beef carpaccio on the menu as well.

This is also a nice place to come for breakfast, including Mexican classics such as huevos rancheros, enchiladas, chilaquiles, and freshly baked pan dulce (sweet breads).

AMBIENCE: The café is on a lively corner by the Parque Mexico, opposite the extremely popular Churrería El Moro chain. Cosily decorated in a simple, laidback style, it’s a great place to get a feel for the Condesa neighbourhood.

There are often street musicians performing outside when we show up, which adds to the local atmosphere.

#2 El Pescadito – Best Restaurant Condesa Mexico City For Seafood Tacos.

Robin eating fish tacos at El Pescadito Condesa
Mal enjoying tacos at El Pescadito one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for seafood.

BEST FOR: Cheap tacos generously stuffed with fried goodies from the ocean.


ADDRESS: C. Atlixco 38, Google location

MENU: One of the best restaurants in La Condesa Mexico City for affordable eats, El Pescadito keeps things simple with a menu that is just 10 items long. The highlights are obviously the 50-peso tacos. Our favourite is the shrimp, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options.

Once you get your order, head over to the salsa and salad station to fill up your tacos with as many condiments as you like!

AMBIENCE: The taco toppings are freshly fried in front of you at a simple cooking counter, so you know everything is made to order.

Don’t get put off by the queue, which usually dissipates quite fast. There are plenty of plastic foldout tables and chairs where you can park with your food. 

#3 Patagonia – Best For Comfort Food With An Argentine Spin.

Blogger Robin enjoying his homemade chicken dish at Patagonia restaurant

BEST FOR: Homemade food, simply plated and served up in a casual restaurant that also functions as a bakery/deli.


ADDRESS: Campeche 345, Google location

MENU: The restaurant name might make you think this is purely an Argentine place, but the menu is a real hodgepodge of stuff. Our favourites, for example, are the schnitzel and lasagna, rather than the signature steaks.

Patagonia also does a good line in empanadas as well as medialunas, Argentina’s answer to the croissant.

AMBIENCE: Patagonia is relaxed and chill, with plenty of seating indoors and outdoors. The evening crowd is usually a mix of families out for a meal and couples enjoying an everyday date night. 

#4 Nonna – Best For Italian Classics.

Nonna Restaurant La Condesa
Nonna one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for Italian food.

BEST FOR: Italian food like Nonna used to make. 

PRICE: $$$

ADDRESS: Ámsterdam 240, Google location

MENU: For times when you’re craving a hearty bowl of spaghetti or more-ish mouthfuls of arancini, this is the place to go. 

The food isn’t haute cuisine, but everything from the risotto to the calamari is delicious and nicely plated. 

AMBIENCE: Nonna is one of the best restaurants La Condesa has to offer in the Italian culinary category, full of charm and smiley staff. 

The atmosphere is buzzy but not normally overcrowded, with plenty of tables indoors or outside.

#5 La Pescadería Condesa – Best For Seafood With Cocktails.

La Pescaderia La Condesa

BEST FOR: An upbeat ambience to enjoy cocktails and seafood.


ADDRESS: Google location

MENU: Living up to its name, La Pescaderia has a huge smorgasbord of fishy treats, including octopus ceviche, grilled tuna, and a perfectly seasoned shrimp aguachile.

There’s also a decently priced selection of classic cocktails, plus a big range of tequilas and mezcals if you want to get a taste for the local liquor.

AMBIENCE: One of the most cheerful restaurants in La Condesa Mexico City, this second-floor spot is ideal for a boozy weekend lunch. A DJ cranks up the volume inside the nice, light-filled interiors, which have sunshine flooding in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The restaurant is hung with green plants, which is a nice touch that reflects the greenery you can see outside.

#6 Orinoco – Best Condesa Restaurant Mexico City for Affordable Tacos.

Orinoco Taqueria in Condesa
Blogger Mal enjoying her tacos at Orinoco Taqueria in Condesa.
Blogger Robin at Orinoco one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for inexpensive tacos.

BEST FOR: Tacos on the cheap in a popular fast-food-style joint.


ADDRESS: Av. Yucatan 3, Google location

MENU: One of the best Condesa restaurants in the budget bracket, Orinoco sells three main types of tacos: trompo (rotisserie pork), chicharron (pork rinds), and res (beef). 

Although the regular size is pretty decent, you can also get supersized versions that come with even more cheese, corn chips, and salad. Wash it all down with a cheap agua fresca or a beer.

AMBIENCE: Orinoco has a cute canteen style, with pretty white and blue tiles and bright red chairs and tables. We’ve found that this branch can get very busy, but you can always grab an order to go and pig out in the privacy of your own Airbnb.

#7 La Vineria – Best For Well-Priced Vino.

BEST FOR: Wine, and plenty of it!


ADDRESS: Fernando Montes de Oca 52, Google location

MENU: We’d like to imagine the diversity of the dishes here is down to the chef basing his eclectic menu on what pairs well with wine. Whether or not that’s true, there’s an interesting mix of stuff that doesn’t seem to us to stick to any particular theme – at least, not one we’ve figured out yet!

Onion soup and steak tartare sits alongside conchinita pibil tacos and teriyaki salmon. One of the best things we’ve had here so far is the simple but perfect grilled artichoke starter, served with little bowls of aioli and lemon olive oil for dipping.

AMBIENCE: La Vineria is a great example of a cosy neighbourhood spot where you can just park up and while away a whole afternoon chatting to friends without anybody trying to hurry you along.

#8 Boicot Cafe – Best For A Working Lunch.

Boicot Cafe, La Condesa.
Blogger Mal eating an omelette at Boicot Cafe, La Condesa.

BEST FOR: Grabbing a casual bite and some quality coffee while you work.


ADDRESS: Av. Tamaulipas 141, Google location

MENU: The food options mainly focus on all-day breakfast items like enchiladas, bagels, omelettes, that sort of thing. This is all perked up by the great coffee selection, which ranges from trendy nitro cold brews to populist frappes and everyday espressos.

AMBIENCE: Boicot is one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for pulling out the laptop and getting some work done. In fact, every time we come here, there seem to be quite a few people with just that idea.

The whole place has a very cool retro design thing going as well, which runs through the spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas.

#9 El Kaliman – Best Food In La Condesa Mexico City For Taco Lovers.

Eating tacos at one of the best taquerias in Condesa.

BEST FOR: Tacos in a reliable no-frills joint that’s pure CDMX.


ADDRESS: C. Ensenada 74, Google location

MENU: The speciality here, in case we haven’t already mentioned, is tacos! There’s quite a bit of choice, from veggie options stuffed with mushrooms or cactus with cheese to pork ribs and the classic tacos al pastor.

AMBIENCE: El Kaliman is close to our apartment, so we’re in and out of here a lot. Not only is it one of only a handful of La Condesa restaurants that have authentic taqueria vibes, but the staff are also friendly and make the time to say hi to regulars.

The place stays open pretty late, so it’s a good option to head to if you’re coming back from a night out and fancy something to curb the munchies, accompanied by a beer nightcap.

#10 Merkavá – Best Middle Eastern Eatery.

Merkava Condesa restaurant.

BEST FOR: Middle Eastern favs cooked up in a casually stylish place that’s very in keeping with the district.

PRICE: $$$

ADDRESS: Ámsterdam 53, Google location

MENU: Merkavá is technically an Israeli restaurant, although the menu draws upon influences from all over the Levant and beyond. They’ve got Jewish classics like matza ball soup as well as the oh-so-trendy whole-roasted cauliflower. Hummus is a specialty, but just as good are the kibbeh, boureka, and stuffed vine leaves.

You know what, it’s all good! In our opinion, this is easily one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for Middle Eastern cuisine. We come back again and again for their salatim, especially the fantastic baba ghanoush.

AMBIENCE: The restaurant has just enough Israeli elements to give it some ambience without becoming kitschy. The outdoor seating is great during the day, but at night it’s nice to secrete yourself away at one of the indoor tables.

#11 Tacos Hola El Guero – Best Hole-In-The-Wall Taco Joint.

El Geuro Tacos in La Condesa
Blogger Mal enjoying tacos at Hola El Guero one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City.

BEST FOR: Quick taco lunch at a cheap-as-chips price.


ADDRESS: Ámsterdam 135, Google location

MENU: Proving that the Condesa restaurants Mexico City has to offer aren’t all hipster hangouts, Tacos Hola El Guero is an everyday taco joint with a decent variety of options to suit meat eaters and vegetarians.

AMBIENCE: Situated not far from the Walmart, we often pop in here to grab a quick lunch after our grocery shop. The place is little more than an indoor counter and kitchen, plus some plastic stools set up on the street outside.

The place was featured on Netflix, but it hasn’t lost its charm. It’s all very simple, very down to earth, and very tasty! 

#12 Azul – Best For An Upscale Mexican Experience.

Azul one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for upscale Mexican fodod.

BEST FOR: A Mexican meal served up with plenty of pageantry. 

PRICE: $$$

ADDRESS: Av Nuevo León 68, Google location

MENU: Chef Zurita has tried to bring flavours from all around Mexico to Azul. As a result, we’ve eaten the famous mole Poblano from Puebla here alongside fish tikin xic inspired by the Yucatan.

Don’t miss out on the amazing mezcalitas (margaritas made with mezcal instead of tequila), particularly the bright flavours of the mango version.  

AMBIENCE: Azul dials up the Mexican personality with colourful crockery and artisanal decorations. The patio is bright and leafy, while the interior is moodier and more heavily accessorised. Both areas are very atmospheric, it just depends on your personal preference. 

#13 Milo’s – Best For A Chill Brunch.

Milos one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for Greek food.

BEST FOR: Chowing down on chilaquiles on a lazy day.


ADDRESS: Amsterdam 308, Google location

MENU: Milo’s has a mix of Mediterranean mains on the menu, but the best dishes in our opinion are the breakfast eats. These include international and Mexican classics, from croque monsieur to molletes, avocado on toast to enchiladas.

AMBIENCE: Exuding the quirky cool that’s typical of places along Ámsterdam Avenue, this is one of the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City for people who like low-key vibes. 

The food is perhaps a little pricey compared to similar fare elsewhere, but it’s sometimes worth paying extra for a good atmosphere and good service.

#14 Rojo Bistrot – Best Food In Condesa Mexico City For Francophiles.

BEST FOR: French classics in a Parisian-style café.

PRICE: $$$

ADDRESS: Ámsterdam 71, Google location

MENU: You might not have come all the way to Mexico to eat onion soup and duck confit, but sometimes we can’t resist our cravings! The menu’s not all French, however, with a few Italian dashes thrown in for good measure in the form of pasta and risotto.

AMBIENCE: If you sit outside, you can enjoy the foliage-rich street and people-watching, but it’s the interior decor that has the really strong Parisian strut going on.

#15 La Xampa – Best For Cocktails With A Side of Food.

BEST FOR: Expertly mixed cocktails and simple snacks.

PRICE: $$$

ADDRESS: Av Nuevo León 66, Google location

MENU: The food is pretty standard snacky stuff, like charcuterie boards, garlic shrimp, and tuna tartare. For something more substantial, there are also burgers and pizzas.

Although La Xampa may not be one of the best restaurants Condesa Mexico City has to offer in terms of food, it certainly hits the mark with its drinks. These range from classics like the Moscow mule to originals like the unusual Bushido, made with sake, Lillet Blanc, and elderflower liqueur.

AMBIENCE: This uber-cool cocktail bar is a great place to head for an evening drink. Superb service is paired with a good DJ – and occasionally live jazz. 

#16 Fonda Garufa – One Of The Best Restaurants In Condesa Mexico City For A Bit OF Everything.

BEST FOR: Breakfast, lunch, and comfort food.


ADDRESS: Michoacán 93-1, Google location

MENU: Having one of those days where you don’t know exactly what you fancy? That tends to be when we come to Fonda Garufa, one of the best places to eat in Condesa Mexico City for the undecided diner.

The menu is extensive and a bit random, so there are a lot of things we haven’t tried here, including the pizzas and steaks. Of the things we have eaten, the breakfast items are arguably the most solid, from tasty chilaquiles to the huitlacoche omelette. 

The kitchen also dishes up some decent empanadas and generous salads with toppings like grilled chicken and goat cheese or seared tuna.

AMBIENCE: Although it’s a bit fancier than your true traditional Fonda, the ambience is still very casual and unfussy. The upstairs gets a nice breeze through the windows on balmy days.

Best Restaurants in Condesa Mexico City: Wrap-Up

When we’re in CDMX, we actually live in Condesa, so we have fairly established ideas about the best restaurants in Condesa Mexico City. 

Although we like to have a couple of special date night spots in our back pockets, most of the places we make repeat visits to are awesome brunch spots and unassuming taquerias where you can relax and absorb the flavour of Mexico’s capital. 

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