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We’re Mal and Robin, world travellers from Holland and Poland with a special fondness for Mexico, where we have travelled extensively – from the tropical beaches of Yucatan to the bustling markets of Oaxaca and the vibrant streets of Mexico City, our beloved part-time home.

As digital nomads, we’ve journeyed far and wide, yet Mexico City has captured our hearts as an ideal base. It’s the sense of expat community, the fast internet, the wealth of places to explore nearby, and the handy airport that whisks us off across the Americas or back to Europe with ease.

Here, we bring you a slice of local life through our weekend explorations. We spend a good part of the year nestled in the charming neighbourhood of La Condesa, and when we’re not in CDMX, you can find us hopping on a plane to our next adventure, whether it’s road-tripping through Europe or surfing in Bali.

We bring you firsthand experiences and local tips.

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Hey, I’m Mal. I am from Poland, though I’ve spent much of my life in the UK, graduating with a Bachelor’s in International Relations from Southampton University. 🤓

Travel has been a constant pulse in my life, turning every available moment into an opportunity to explore places like Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, and Brazil. The allure of the unknown has always been irresistible to me.

Leaving behind a career as a financial analyst for a major corporation in 2020, I wasn’t walking away from my job as much as walking towards a life of greater freedom and adventure. The pandemic might have brought the world to a standstill, but for me, it was the catalyst for a drastic change. I sold my house and most belongings, embracing the nomadic lifestyle wholeheartedly.

During this transformative time, I bettered my photography skills, a passion that allowed me to document the diverse beauty and stories of the places I visited. 📸

It was on a summer trip in 2021 through the Balkans that I met Robin. We connected over our shared wanderlust, and our first journey together was to Mexico. This trip sealed our partnership in life and travel, and ever since, Mexico City has been an integral part of our adventure. 🌴🛕


Hey there, I’m Robin from the Netherlands. Before life took an adventurous twist, I was the proud owner of a building company. Yet, beneath the uniform, I was always plotting my next escape into the world.

I’m a big Feyenoord fan! When we clinched the championship in 2023, you could hear my cheers from miles away. That victory was just too sweet to keep quiet about. ⚽🏆

The thrill of exploration has always been a part of who I am. My ventures have ranged from navigating Vietnam’s mountainous Ha Giang Loop by motorbike to soaking in the ethereal beauty of dawn at Mount Bromo.

Then came 2021, a year that redefined my path. While wandering through the Balkans, I met Mal. It was an encounter that changed everything.

With a mutual love for new horizons, I traded my old life for a shared journey with Mal. Together, we’ve made Mexico City a second home, exploring its every alley and uncovering stories at every turn. It’s just one chapter in this extraordinary adventure we’re living side by side. 🤙🏻

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Our Expertise & Unique Perspective

Living part-time in Mexico City allows us to bring local knowledge to the table. We seek out the city’s hidden treasures, from discovering tucked-away hipster cafes in Roma to staying in boutique CDMX hotels; we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of activities that CDMX has to offer. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend exploring vibrant markets or an adrenaline-fueled escape to nearby volcanoes, we constantly gather unique stories and experiences.

Additionally, Mal’s keen eye for photography shines a spotlight on our escapades in Mexico City, capturing stunning visuals that convey the essence of this dynamic metropolis.

Why Trust Us?

At the core of our Mexico City site is a fervent enthusiasm for showcasing the full spectrum of travel experiences that CDMX has to offer. Our time in the city is spent not only in seeking out unique places to stay, ranging from boutique hotels to cosy apartments, but also in diving deep into the heart of Mexico City’s vibrant culture. From thrilling walking tours that reveal the city’s history to local activities that allow for an authentic day-to-day experience, we’re here to steer you towards an unforgettable journey.

Our expertise extends beyond discovery to genuine local engagement. Collaborating with a network of Mexico City’s hotels and tour companies, we’ve cultivated a wealth of knowledge that we’re excited to share with you. This collaboration often puts us at the forefront of uncovering new and exciting ventures. We’re here to ensure that your visit to Mexico City is just perfect.

Genuine Recommendations

From the eclectic boutique hotels dotting La Condesa to the top-notch dining spots in Polanco, our advice is born from firsthand experiences and a sincere love for the city’s diverse offerings.

Let’s Connect!

Your trust means the world to us. If you’ve got questions, want to share your own Mexico City stories, or are interested in teaming up, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re just an email away and always eager to chat with our fellow adventurers.

Reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy travels, and we hope to meet you on the bustling streets (or at the top of the pyramids)!

Mal & Robin

Our Recent Adventures

Blogger Mal on a day trip to Tolantongo Mexico City.
Blogger Robin at Chapultepec Park.
Blogger Robin enjoying a Hot balloon ride over Teotihuacan Pyramids.
Bloggers Mal and Robin at Teotihuacan.
Blogger Mal at Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacan.